Sunday, June 10, 2007

taxi swimming

something weird and funny happened in the public cab drives into swimming pool in front of ly's condo.

how did the driver drive into it?I really have no idea but luckily I made my way back and get to see how was it being taken out from the pool.of course the tiles in the swimming pool crack but luckily just minor damage.there were few heroes help to balance up the let the picture do all the talking.

Before, during the towing process and after everything done.

*big applause* for all the people that trying to help in the 2nd pic by sitting or standing on the butt of the car to balance it up although it fail coz the front par too left no other choice the tow car just force to pull the cab up and it caused the tiles at the side of pool crack.

most of the residents there complaining why the cab get to drive into that area and imagine if was a kid riding bicycle and fell into the pool, he might die if reli nobody saws it,right?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Uncertain Future

Final exam will end next week and after that I'll be taking sap short course for 5 weeks. After all those, I'm officially jobless. I'll be officially graduate if the result come out with all subjects taken pass of course and I'm praying hard that ntg bad will happen.Although I know praying without studying is not working, still not in the mood to study when thinking of 'what shld I do after graduate?', 'when shld I apply for jobs?','what I wanna be?auditor?'.

Frankly speaking, I dun reli wan to be auditor after the intership of 6 months.the main reason is this job just too bored doing the same things over and over again.mainly just checking on company's account and the principle to hold is dun trust any accountants.haha.else why we need to check on their work done?If I dun plan to be auditor then why am I in accounting?well...the very first reason I choose to take accounting is coz I hate theories.accounting got theories also la of course, just that it is the major with the least theories if compare to marketing,finance or others management majors.

Just now one of my fren said 'if ur job is smtg u r reli interested on, then u'll suffer no stress and happy to do it even repeating the processes over and over again.'then seems like hinting me that I dun like auditing that's why feel bored even for 6 months internship?well...I guess so but it seems like too late for me to find out this on the final sem right?It takes me 5 yrs (include foundation) to finish this degree course and now only I know it's not my cup of tea?wat to do?just keep it up la...finish it then only see how.

Feeling blue on my uncertain, aimless and 'goaless' future....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Relaxation b4 final

lazy to think creative way to express myself n most important is lazy to type so many words so tis time let the pictures do all the toking. :P

Malibu party in my room

Cheers for friendship!

Homemade garlic bread nice though a bit overbaked

Ayamas black pepper chicken

jeng jeng....the VVIP of the night...malibu i bought all the way from langkawi

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Langkawi trip

Langkawi trip 20th April till 22nd april

3 days 2 nights

Accomodation: Sun set beach resort

I hvnt get the picture from others so can only upload those nice scene tat taken using my SE W850i. a nice and tiring trip.

taken from the flight when on my way to langkawi

sun set taken from eagle square

scene taken from inside the cable car....

my favourite pic...scene taken from the top station of cable car...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Yesterday night raining very heavily in KL especially cyber n few of us decided to go out yam cha at bout 12am.There is a small stall selling nasi lemak in SK town area in front of one tyre shop hm...I dun really know how to tell where la but if u're going from equine park area go till town there then watch out for tyre shop on ur left u'll see crowd and that is the nice stall which selling nasi lemak wif reli spicy sambal.esther like roti goreng there n jessy like roti jingli which u cant find in else where.

after discussing so we're on our way...if u had been driving for quite some time in cyber u shld know there is one short cut to go out of cyber from HSBC, cc use tat road although it's raining we never expect smtg bad will when we reach one overhead bridge which is still under construction, the road was very slippery coz full of mud and cc lost control of his car and bang to the divider at the,his front bumper one was shouting except me.I don't shout for long oso.just a few second after I confirm that he really cant control his car anymore...but none of us scare coz we knew he will protect us.So,his front bumper crash and noone get hurts.well, this is cc he wont put anyone in danger he rather bang the car to the divider just to stop it from sliding, we end up sitting py's car yam cha in hassan.

the next day, few of us walk out to cyberia shop to tapau lunch. this is wat I saw and I cant resist to take pic using my hp.

recognize where?is clubhouse swimming pool where everyone wish to you feel like going there anymore?

nice pedicure done by esther and she is the onli one tat say is nice.wander how to make this?it just a simple painting by using maroon + gold + purple nail color = Purple golden maroon?nice ar? well...u judge it

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yeo's Just tea

Today is 13th of Feb so tml is 14th Feb Valentines day. wandering where will those couples be celebrating.It consider a big and special day for some couples but as for me I just wan to have a simple dinner and that's it.I dun wish to eat in those nice restaurant whereby every couple having the same appertizer few choices of main course and same dessert.of course the most important - one foc rose for each couple.I did have this kind of situation like 2 years ago now prefer to have it in those normal place like MFM, Pizza Hut and etc. those that dun require advance, where will I celebrate? Well, still considering but for sure it won't be in those fancy restaurant coz it will be too late to book plus I dun feel like going to those kind of place.

I went to alamanda to have dinner with soo yeu, henry and peaky. the main purpose was to buy Yeo's Just Tea in carrefour. It is really cheap one carton for RM13.92 and with free 6 packs. In short 30 packs of just tea in just bout RM14. wah...very cheap we bought 1 carton each except soo yeu she bought 2 cartons and then both of us buy 1 carton of Yeo's soy bean milk each...we are loyal fans of Yeo's...haha...but soo yeu is the winner she bought 3 cartons - 2 just tea and 1 soya milk.she is big supporter of yeo's. salute... :)

Our favourite drink

1. JUSTEA Green Tea + LemonGreen tea with a twist of lemon. This is a powerful thirst-quencher with a lively punch. Green tea contains powerful antioxidants and vitamin c for great health and active living. A drink that’s just right for sunny, active people!

2. YEO'S Soy Bean MilkA familiar sight in many food centres across Singapore, this protein-rich beverage with soy bean extract is a nutritious way to start the day or to stave off hunger pangs.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Monthly blog

being away for bout a month without updating my of the reason is being too busy travelling between Johor, Kuantan, KL n of course my hometown - Mentakab.

10 Jan 2006

bek to Johor wif family because my grandpa pass away.not reli sad though coz he oledi 92 years dad oso feel relief for him, most of the uncles din cry at all totally different from 7 years ago when my grandma passed away.just that I did cry a bit because I realized I din get to see him for one last time before he left us forever.the only happy thing is I can celebrate my chinese new year in mentakab and did not need to go back to Johor anymore.I had been back to Johor ever since I was grandpa had been alone for 7 years after my grandma passed away.

28 Jan 2006

back to messy n toilet in a mess coz of 2 rubbish guys.tidy up the room and settle down without caring the mess in the living room.

1 Feb 2006

went to zoo negara during public holiday withly, jessy, ah too, esther, yip, and ling yee .
y zoo negara? coz this is the first time I went to national zoo can u believe that I had never been there before?well, just like normal...tigers, lions, elephants, giraffe, camel, monkeys...I like penguin the most...not coz of happy feet la...just tat the way they walk is very cute.after that, we went to taman titiwangsa to have a look on the eye on msia...took a few pic and chao coz not worth to sit on it. RM15 for adult hm....I rather spend it on food.

taken in national zoo

anyone understand this?well...kaunter tiket in real life..haha

our last destination of the day - eye on malaysia in taman titiwangsa

me n my qing ai de see see

4 Feb 2006 23rd bthday...we went wong kok and had a free usual food, drink and cake of course.I'm very happy because get unexpected wishes from a few ppl so glad that they still remember my bthday...happy 23rd bthday...I get a new hp SE W850i as gift shared by ly n dad.

reason of celebrating in wong kok, south city plaza

yeu with her big portion of fu yong dan rice and the big bucket of tea

the big gang

top (from left): Jerry, Wanyi, ah ren, ly, cc, nic and too

sitting(from left): crystal, me, see, yeu n esther

8 Feb 2006

going to klia later to send my cousin sis - Vanessa...she is going to Sydney for 2 years wander whether she can survive there.anyway, best wishes to u...